Reflection on 2017 / 回顧2017年

After exploring the brightness and darkness, I appreciate all the beautiful things along the way more.


2017 HKS India Trek 哈佛甘迺迪學院印度參訪團筆記

“Incredible India” was the slogan for tourism in India years ago, and I think it perfectly depicts the country full of contradictions. 「不可思議的印度」是幾年前的印度觀光口號,我認為它完美地呈現在印度並存的各種衝突。

2017 HBS NYC Art Trek 哈佛商學院紐約藝術參訪心得

n April, I joined the HBS NYC Art Trek, organized by HBS Art Society, to visit galleries and auction companies in New York City. 今年四月,我參加由哈佛商學院藝術社團組織的藝術參訪團,前往紐約參觀藝廊與拍賣公司。 

Travel Notes of Santiago (Chile) 智利聖地牙哥旅遊筆記

(附中文) Because of political stability and mining profits in past decades, Chile has good economic growth, and Santiago becomes a convenient, safe and clean city compared to its Latino peers. 因為過去幾十年的政局穩定與礦業收入,智利有良好的經濟發展,比其他拉美城市更為便利、安全與乾淨。