Leadership Style vs. Value System 領導風格與價值體系的抉擇

(附中文) This was the first time that I completely changed my mind in the class discussion at HBS. The protagonist successfully turned around companies, but he was extremely emotional at work. At first, I thought I wouldn’t work for him because our purposes of leadership were so different: he only cared about the corporate/industrial transformation while I also cared about the happiness of people around me. Surprisingly, after listening to his speech, I felt very inspired by his passion at making things happen. At that moment, I started thinking that if I preferred working for people who had similar leadership style like me or who owned similar value systems like me?


For me, the formation of value systems takes a long time, and it’s almost impossible (and very dangerous) to change people’s value systems. On the other hand, we can always stretch ourselves to be more flexible working with people having different leadership styles, and sometimes it can even be our competitive advantages at work. Hence, my answer to the dilemma would be only working for people who have the same value systems as you do. Push one step further: even in a relationship, two people can have pretty different personalities, but they must have similar value systems to ensure long-term happiness. How do you think?


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