Meaningful but Illegal? 有意義卻違法?

Will you do the meaningful but illegal things? Most of my classmates said: “of course not! The price for the action is just too high!” However, as a Taiwanese who experienced the recent social movements for free trade agreement, gay marriage and so on, I really could not make the decision immediately…


The question reminded me of all the great people who sacrificed themselves and their families to strive for freedom, democracy and justice. They never knew that the illegal actions would be powerful enough to totally change the history, but they still did. If you were them, would you do it?

這問題讓我想起歷史上為自由、民主和正義犧牲的人們。 他們無法預知這樣違法的行動是否足夠改變歷史,但他們仍然勇敢向前。如果是你,你願意嗎?

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