See the Aurora in Yellowknife 到黃刀鎮看極光

After ten years, landed in Canada again and checked the northern light on my bucket list! Yellowknife is the only city in the northern Canada. Due to the stable weather and perfect location, Yellowknife is one of the top places to see the northern light.


This time, I booked the tour from Aurora Village (

  • (+) Provide transportation between airport and hotel, which is included in tour
  • (+) Well-planned with great guide tours and professional equipment you need
  • (+) Provide extra activities like snowshoe and dog ride during daytime
  • (+) Have a beautiful offsite with tents and hot drinks to wait for aurora
  • (-) Some people might prefer to have mobility to “chase aurora”, then this might not be your best choice

這次,我直接跟 Aurora Village 訂套裝行程(

  • (+) 提供機場和旅館之間的交通,旅館也包含在套裝行程裡
  • (+) 總體安排妥當,領隊導遊和個人裝備也都很不錯
  • (+) 白天提供像是踏雪鞋、狗拉雪橇等活動,讓你不會無聊
  • (+) 有個很不錯的極光觀測園區,在城市外面,裡面有帳篷和熱飲
  • (-) 有些人可能更偏好可以「追著極光跑」的機動性,那這團可能不是最佳選擇

The night was like a black velvet tufted with countless diamonds, providing the aurora the best stage cyclorama. Sometimes, the aurora covered the velvet tranquilly while shooting starts kept running across it. Sometimes, the aurora split into colorful ribbons and danced fiercely. Green, white, red… There’s no single color that can describe the beauty of aurora, just like there’s no single word that can describe how grateful and blessed I feel tonight.


When seeing the colorful aurora dancing fiercely in the dark sky, I surprisingly found the inner peace I lost for a while again. Actually many things had happened since I moved to the U.S., and I did need a break to understand myself again and make adjustment as needed. Six long-haul flights, two nights with spectacular aurora and countless moments doing nothing but thinking simply made me feel the excitement of being alive again. In addition, the beauty of nature always reminds us of the insignificance of human beings.


“I can be by myself because I’m never lonely; I’m simply alone, living in my heavily populated solitude, a harum-scarum of infinity and eternity, and Infinity and Eternity seem to take a liking to the likes of me.” — Too Loud a Solitude


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