Reflection on Leadership Philosophy 領導哲學的反思

(附中文) Leadership is my favorite course in the first semester at HBS. Here is my reflection of the core values in my leadership philosophy that I will bring with me after HBS.


Understand the context before make judgement

I was so surprised that how people’s past experiences influenced their perspectives in the class, and I just realized that a large amount of disagreements actually came from the difference in backgrounds rather than the difference in personalities.

Therefore, I want to keep reminding myself of being more patient in understanding the context of people’s backgrounds and the overall environment before jumping to conclusions. Hope no one around me will feel that they are judged without solid reasons and careful assessment (when “no judgement” is impossible).



Assume the good intentions of others while also protect myself well

Due to my family and personalities, it would be easier for me to assume the good intentions of others. However, I sometimes become too naive and hurt myself as well as others easily. The innocence prevents me from having the deep understanding of the real world and humanity, leading to unrealistic assumptions and actions.

Hence, I am trying to find the good balance between being kind and being realistic, and at the same time, I will also keep adjusting it as needed. I believe a truly benevolent and wise person is someone who can view the world positively and realistically.



Have a flexible leadership style for different situations

In the semester, I recognized the responsibilities of leaders to bring out the best of myself and others, unlocking the true potential of human power. Sticking to a certain leadership style will limit the range of people leaders can work with as well as the broadness of work leaders can handle. As Confusion said that a person should not be confined to anything, I want to be the one who is flexible and willing to adjust while still being true to myself.



Picture: Tony Mayo was my Leadership professor! Love him so much!

圖片:Tony Mayo是我領導課程的教授,也是這學期我最喜歡的教授!

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