Consistency in Life 生命中的一致性

(附中文) Living a balanced life is like writing a good storyline for a consulting deck – you always need to have strong consistency from the beginning to the end. There are two kinds of consistency:

  • Consistency between who you are and how you perceive yourself
  • Consistency between how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you.


  • 「真實自我」和「自我認知」之間的一致性
  • 「自我認知」和「他人對我的認知」之間的一致性

For the first consistency, you explore, try and learn from it. Just need some time to figure it out and be honest to yourself, then it won’t be a big problem. However, for the second kind of consistency, it requires lots of efforts. You need to confirm your value and belief system and make sophisticated decisions on actions, so others can view you as the way that you view yourself. Some people might say: “I don’t care how others view me,” but in the end, the discrepancy will lead to self-doubt, cynic and lack of passion.


You can definitely change your mind, have new thoughts and set new criteria on the way, but at each moment, you need to be fully consistent in your values and actions to ultimately have inner peace and mental balance. It’s not easy, but glad that we are on the way now.



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