Political Correctness at HBS 哈佛商學院的政治正確問題

(附中文) Most people perceive that HBS has a serious issue on political correctness, but I feel in the opposite way, so I would like to share my thoughts on how we can mitigate the problem together.


【Educate me】

Bringing up opinions different from the mainstream would be super beneficial to others to understand the issue from other perspectives. Hence, as an ignorant person for so many topics in my whole life, I would really appreciate that you share thoughts with me, so I can understand the real world better. Though I might not change my mind, it’s always great to know there are some different thoughts that we should take into consideration when making decisions!



【Be confident】

In my opinion, political correctness issue can not only be solved in environmental level, but also in personal level. Most people feel reluctant to bring up different opinions due to (1) afraid of being judged and criticized or (2) tend to avoid heating debate. However, I truly believe all of us are mature enough to handle the conversion and build up mutual-respect in the process regardless if we reach an agreement or not. Therefore, be confident both in yourselves and in the people around you!


對我而言,政治正確的問題不僅需要從環境層面解決,也要在個人層面有所改變。多數人不願分享不同意見的顧慮包含 (1) 害怕被評論或批評 (2) 希望避免激烈的爭辯。然而,其實無論最終是否達成共識,我相信我們都足夠成熟去面對辯論、並在過程中建立互相尊重的態度。請對自己有信心、也對別人有信心!

【Disagreement =/= political correctness issues】

One of the most important lessons at HBS is that we don’t need to agree with each other and also don’t need to seek agreement with others (it’s not a company!) Even if we end a conversion without reaching an agreement, we still appreciate all the debates and thinking processes. Hence, I don’t think that people expressing their disagreement means that they expect to have the political correct answers from you. It’s really an open environment for all of us to say “I disagree”!

I really want that my friends can enjoy lives at HBS, so I keep thinking on how to make others happier and feel more meaningful. Hope this sharing can shed some light on how to improve the situation and why I think it’s not an environment with political correctness issues. Extremely happy to discuss! Challenge me! Educate me!




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