Incomplete Life 不完整的生命

(附中文) After staying in different cities and meeting people with various backgrounds, I realize that no matter how happy and successful people look, everyone has more or less some deep scars in his/her mind. These might come from culture, politics, religion, family, physical constraints or other factors, and become more deeply rooted in their minds as time goes by. The bandage to cover scars should be very soft, but usually it becomes the sharp edge of a sword to hurt others, separating ourselves from others. Hesitant and confused.


The incomplete and broken people carefully look for somewhere they belong to, trying to protect themselves while exploring the world. In the endless cycle of courage, frustration, excitement and sadness, though we won’t become more complete, we will eventually find those who are willing to share scars with us and learn to accept who we are. I might not call the comfortable feeling “happiness”, but it’s gentle enough to carry us to move forward in our incomplete lives with inner peace.




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