Hasty Pudding Theatricals 速食布丁劇場

(附中文) Hasty Pudding Theatricals is a famous tradition in Harvard University for more 100 years! Every year, there will be a bunch of Harvard students preparing the Hasty Pudding show touring to Boston, New York and Bermuda for almost 50 nights per year. Why is it called Hasty Pudding? It is sad that in the beginning of the club setup in 1795, members took turns bringing hasty pudding to the club meetings due to the unappetizing dining hall food.

速食布丁劇場 (Hasty Pudding Theatricals) 是哈佛大學超過100年的傳統:每年有一群哈佛學生準備一場速食布丁秀,並在波士頓、紐約、百慕達巡迴演出約50場。為什麼叫做速食布丁 (一種以玉米粉和牛奶煮成的甜粥) 呢?傳言是因為1795年社團成立之初,學校餐廳食物太難吃,所以規定成員們輪流帶速食布丁來社團聚會。

Several interesting features of the show:

  • Starting the first show in 1844 and having one show per year afterwards, the student club has produced 169 shows until 2017.
  • Cast is all-male, meaning some actors playing the female roles in drag, and at the end of the show, there will be around 15 minutes dancing like kickline dance! However, there is a big date among students and alumni that if they should open up to female students to join the cast as we have gender equality now.
  • All the play and music are created by students – there is a Hasty Pudding Play Competition every summer and a competitive casting in fall (my HBS classmate was one of the play winner several years ago!)


  • 自1844年開始第一場表演、每年推出一齣新戲,至2017年已經有169齣表演。
  • 演員全部都是男生,部分女性角色由男演員變裝演出;在表演結束後,通常會有約15分鐘的舞蹈表演(大腿舞等各種展現反串戲謔笑點的舞)。然而,現在學生與校友間的一個辯論是關於是否應該開放給女學生參與表演,畢竟已經來到兩性平權的時代了!
  • 所有的劇本、音樂都是學生製作的,每年夏天會有速食布丁劇本競賽、秋天會有競爭激烈的試鏡(我在HBS的同班同學居然是某一屆的劇本獎得主)!

I joined the No. 169 show in 2017 and felt very impressed by these undergraduate students! They only had 4-5 weeks to prepare for the show in the winter break, but the quality was way above my expectation. In the musical, the play, the music, the orchestra and stage design were all led by students. Every actor had excellent singing and dancing skills, and some of them were definitely much sexier than real women! “Study hard, play harder” can best describe these talented students. Come see a Hasty Pudding show next time you visit Boston! 🙂

我參與了2017年的第169號表演,心裡真的好佩服這些大學生!他們大概只有4-5週的寒假時間準備表演,但整體表演水平比我預期高出許多!在這齣音樂劇中,劇本、音樂、管弦樂團、舞台設計等都由學生包辦。每個演員不僅有一副好歌喉、還很會跳舞,很多人都比真女人更性感妖豔XDD 「努力念書、更努力玩」大概就是用來形容這群很有才華的學生吧!下次來波士頓時,來看一場速食布丁秀吧!

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