Where does the corporate culture come from? 公司文化從何而來?

(附中文) Today we discussed about how a hedge fund transformed from the one with criminal charges to a high integrity firm. The most important question was: “Where does the corporate culture come from?” The case protagonist provided some insights:

  • How you measure people? (integrity-relevant KPIs…)
  • Who do you select? (background investigation, personality…)
  • What’s the behavior expectation? (mission, professional conduct…)
  • How do executives act? (executives’ time allocation…)


  • 如何衡量員工?(道德操守相關的績效指標…)
  • 挑選怎樣的人才?(背景調查、人格特質…)
  • 預期怎樣的行為?(企業使命、專業行為準則…)
  • 高層主管的行為舉止 (如何分配時間…)

Sometimes we focus on communication of culture too much, but without the real changes in recruiting, performance management and daily operation, it’s impossible to transform an organization!


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