Peru Series (5) Arequipa 祕魯系列 (5) 阿雷基帕

Arequipa is the second largest city in Peru. Compared to Lima, the beautiful city, with historical buildings made of white volcanic rock, is much more tranquil and laid-back. Even the taste of food is lighter and less oily here. Would suggest to stay here for 1-2 day.

阿雷基帕(Arequipa)是祕魯第二大城。相較於利馬,這個充滿白色火山石歷史建築的美麗城市讓人覺得寧靜而放鬆,甚至連食物的口味都較為清淡、少油。建議可在此停留 1 至 2 天。



  • Monasterio de Santa Catalina: Though the ticket is expensive (s./40), highly recommend! Please note that the late entry dates have changed from what some guidebooks suggested – double check as needed!
  • Plaza de Armas, La Catedral and Iglesia de La Compañía: The vibrant city center of the historical town, connecting to several streets full of restaurants and souvenir stores
  • Plaza San Francisco: Sitting in the window seat on 2nd floor in Zig Zag to enjoy the view is simply amazing!


  • 聖卡塔莉娜修道院(Monasterio de Santa Catalina):雖然票價不便宜(約 s./40),強烈推薦參觀!請注意每週特定延遲入園時間的日期和一些旅遊書上寫的不太一樣,建議有需要時,還是上網查找最新時間!
  • 武器廣場(Plaza de Armas)、大教堂(La Catedral)、耶穌會教堂(Iglesia de La Compañía):充滿活力的歷史街區市中心,連接至主要購物與餐廳區
  • 聖法蘭西斯廣場(Plaza San Francisco):強烈推薦坐在 Zig Zag 餐廳二樓的窗台位置欣賞廣場美景
  • 聖法蘭西斯廣場: Sitting in the window seat in Zig Zag and enjoying the view is simply amazing!



  • Zig Zag: highly recommend its (1) lunch sets for s./45-65 and (2) window seats on 2nd floow with a great view of Plaza San Francisco
  • Zingaro: great place to try classic Arequipa dishes (see the second point in the following section)
  • La Trattoria del Monasterio: a friend from Arequipa recommended its queso helado


  • Zig Zag:強烈推薦午間套餐(約 s./45-65)和二樓窗台可以欣賞聖法蘭西斯廣場的位置
  • Zingaro:嘗試經典阿雷基帕美食的好地方(參考下面的大王筆記第二點)
  • La Trattoria del Monasterio:一位來自阿雷基帕的同事推薦吃起司冰淇淋(queso helado)的地方



  • Try special fruits like Arequipa papaya and tumbo (something like a sour banana-shaped passion fruit)
  • Try local dishes like chupe de camarones (shrimp soup), rocoto relleno (stuffed pepper) and queso helado (cheese shaved ice)
  • Something interesting – people here consider themselves to be independent from the rest of the country, so they keep joking about having local currency, flag, passport, etc. Look for some relevant souvenirs!


  • 嘗試特殊水果,像是 Arequipa papaya 或 tumbo(類似香蕉形狀的超酸百香果)
  • 嘗試在地美食,像是河蝦濃湯(chupe de camarones)、辣椒鑲肉(rocoto relleno)和起司冰淇淋(queso helado)
  • 有趣的事情:這裡的居民長期認為自己獨立於祕魯其他地方,所以經常開玩笑說有阿雷基帕當地的貨幣、旗幟、護照等,也可以看到相關的紀念品

Reference Blogs 參考網誌


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