Peru Series (6) Colca Canyon 祕魯系列 (6) 科卡峽谷

Colca Canyon is one of the deepest canyons in the world. Since public transportation is not convenient, would recommend visitors to join local tours – either a day tour for an overview of the canyon or more days for hiking.

【科卡峽谷(Colca Canyon)為全世界最最深的峽谷之一。因為大眾交通不方便,建議旅客加入當地旅行團,參加一日遊的總覽行程或多日遊的登山行程。】


Day Tour Itinerary

  • 3am depart from hotel in Arequipa – Maca village – terraces lookout – condor lookout – 9am breakfast – volcano lookout – hot spring (optional activity) – 1 pm lunch (s./25 buffet) – alpaca and llama watching – 6pm back to Arequipa


  • 3am 從飯店出發 – Maca 小鎮 – 梯田觀景區 – 老鷹觀景區 – 9am 早餐 – 火山觀景區 – 泡溫泉(自費行程) – 1pm 午餐(s./25 自助餐) – 觀賞大小羊駝 – 6pm 回到阿雷基帕


Travel Agency: Peru Adventure

  • (+) Covered most key spots like terraces lookout, condor lookout, volcano lookout, hot spring, etc
  • (+) Good driver and good car – important for a long ride!
  • (-) Didn’t drop off customers back to their hotels – only drop off customers in the main historical town. However, it’s understandable since the traffic is bad during peak hour, it saves time to let people dismiss together.
  • (-) Lunch is not included in the final price – you need to pay s./25 for the buffet
  • Official website:

旅行代辦:Peru Adventure

  • (+) 重要景點都有去到,像是梯田觀景區、老鷹觀景區、火山觀景區、溫泉等
  • (+) 司機和車輛都品質很好
  • (-) 沒有把旅客送回飯店,而是直接在市區解散。然而,因為在尖峰時間會塞車,所以其實這樣做也有道理,比較節省時間。
  • (-) 午餐沒有包含在團費裡,要自己付 s./25 給自助餐廳
  • 網站:



  • Prepare multilayer clothing due to altitude difference and long timeframe
  • Prepare snacks since the breakfast time is pretty late
  • Prepare car sickness pills – though the road is flat, driving in mountains makes the trip challenging for people easy to have car sickness
  • Besides hot spring (swimming suits required), visitors can also choose doing zip line activities, or just sit on the riverbank and enjoy free time like me hahaha


  • 準備洋蔥式穿著,因為不同高度溫差大、早晚溫差也大
  • 準備一些小點心,因為吃早餐的時間比較晚
  • 準備暈車藥,雖然道路平坦,但因為是山路,所以還是可能覺得暈車
  • 如果不想泡溫泉(需要著泳裝),可以選擇玩繩索活動,或是跟我一樣坐在河邊享受悠閒時光哈哈

Reference Blogs 參考網誌


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