Peru Series (7) Cusco 祕魯系列 (7) 庫斯科

Located in mountains, Cusco was the capital of Inca empire with abundant history and beautiful scenery. For the city itself, 1-2 days would be enough; if combined with the Sacred Valley, then 4-5 days would be recommended.

在群山環繞之間,庫斯科為古印加帝國的首都,擁有豐富的歷史與美麗的風景。建議在庫斯科停留 1 至 2 天;如果加上聖谷(Sacred Valley)的行程,則總共需要 4 至 5 天。



  • Qorikancha: 15 minutes walk from the Plaza de Armas to the Inca ruins. A good combination of Incan and Spanish styles with interesting collection of Inca culture. Highly recommend!
  • La Catedral: the entrance is located on the left hand side. Recommend to buy the integral ticket with additional access to other cathedrals and museums.
  • Museum de Arte Religioso: even if you might not be interested in religious artwork, the museum itself is a historical building with a small beautiful yard
  • San Blas area: climbing up stairs from the Plaza San Blas would provide you a great view of Cusco, and there are several galleries with affordable price
  • Mercado Central: Vendors selling fruit, food, clothes, scarfs, etc in the big market. Though the product quality is questionable, it’s pretty fun to walk around and look for some souvenirs
  • Saqsaywaman: located a bit far from the city center; good to visit, but if have no time, then should be okay to skip this since there are some other magnificent ruins in the sacred valley


  • 太陽神殿(Qorikancha):從武器廣場(Plaza de Armas)走約 15 分鐘可以抵達,為印加文明和西班牙殖民時期風格的完美結合,也有一些關於印加文物的小展覽。強烈推薦!
  • 大教堂(La Catedral):入口在左側,建議購買可以參觀其他教堂與博物館的整合票券
  • 宗教藝術博物館(Museum de Arte Religioso):縱使你可能對宗教藝術不感興趣,博物館本身就是一座擁有美麗小庭院的歷史建築
  • 聖布拉斯區(San Blas area):從聖布拉斯廣場(Plaza San Blas)爬上階梯,可以看到庫斯科城市的美麗風景,周圍也有一些不貴的藝廊可以逛逛
  • 中央市場(Mercado Central):攤販在此販售水果、食物、衣服、圍巾等,雖然品質可疑,但走走逛逛還是蠻有趣的!
  • 薩克塞華曼(Saqsaywaman):離市中心有段距離,有時間可以看一看,沒時間則可以跳過,因為在聖谷還會看到許多其他壯觀的遺跡



  • Café Morena: Peruvian food with some modern fusion (the Pisco black tea “Te Piteado” is interesting to try!)
  • Barrio Ceviche: go early and grab the window seat to enjoy a great view of the main plaza with fresh seafood
  • Jack’s Café: a good place for breakfast with large portion of American food. We love the honey, lemon and ginger tea – a great hot drink after a long day


  • Café Morena:祕魯美食的時尚創新版,皮斯科酒加紅茶的組合(Te Piteado)很有趣,可以試試看!
  • Barrio Ceviche:早點去佔窗邊的位置,就可以邊享用海鮮、邊欣賞武器廣場與周邊的景色
  • Jack’s Café:一個適合吃大份量美式早餐的地方,我們很喜歡他的蜂蜜檸檬薑汁茶,在漫長的一天結束後最棒的熱飲



  • Inti Raymi (festival of the sun) is usually held on June 24th
    • Three main activities: the opening at Qorikancha (free, 9am), the parade in Plaza de Armas (free, 11am) and the main performance in Saqsaywaman (ticket required, 2pm)
    • Though some people say that you can see the performance without buying tickets, it’s actually not that easy to get a good spot. In addition, due to the distance, it would be challenging to hear the music clearly. Recommend to book tickets including transportation to make everything easier!
  • Prepare the altitude sickness pills and drink lots of coca tea to ease the altitude sickness. Since some hotels are located on the hills, would recommend to book airport car pickup to avoid climbing up hills with luggage and increase the risk of altitude sickness
  • Prepare multilayer clothing in the dry season due to huge temperature difference between daytime and night
  • Want to try cuy but dislike seeing the whole cuy served on your plate? Feel free to tell the restaurants to cut cuy before serving to avoid the awkward feeling of playing with food


  • 太陽祭(Inti Raymi)一般辦在 6 月 24 日
    • 主要的三項活動:在太陽神殿的開場(免費,早上 9 點)、在武器廣場的遊行(免費,早上 11 點)和在薩克塞華曼的主要表演(需購票,下午 2 點)
    • 雖然有人說你可以不用買票就看到表演,但其實不容易佔到好位置。此外,距離太遠也讓觀眾不容易清楚聽到音樂,因此還是建議買票(一般都會包含來回交通)讓行程輕鬆一些!
  • 為緩解高山症症狀,可以準備高山症藥、並多喝古柯鹼葉茶;因為有些飯店在山丘上,爬上去不僅可能引發高山症、也不易在碎石路上拉行李,所以建議安排機場接送
  • 在乾季時因為日夜溫差大,建議準備洋蔥式穿著
  • 如果想嘗試吃天竺鼠、但又不喜歡看到整隻天竺鼠端上桌的情景,可以告訴餐廳把天竺鼠切塊後再上桌

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