Peru Series (12) Iquitos and Amazon 祕魯系列 (12) 伊基托斯與亞馬遜

Iquitos is one of the gateway cities to Amazon. Since it’s challenging to navigate through the Amazon area without supports from travel agencies, I would suggest visitors to book tour packages through lodges and let them take care of all logistics.



Lodge/Travel Agency: Muyuna Lodge

  • (+) Located 140km from Iquitos and deep into the jungle, so you can see animals in their habitats (e.g. piranhas, snakes, monkeys, spiders, sloths, birds, rats, caimans, frogs)
  • (+) Seamless transportation from hotel pickup to navigation in the Amazon
  • (+) Excellent accommodation with enough lighting, hot shower (not guaranteed) and comfortable beds
  • (+) High service level with enough English fluency, attentive staff and knowledgeable guides
  • (+) On the last day, there is a shuttle bus from Muyuna office to the airport, so we can explore Iquitos a bit between arriving in the office and departing to the airport

旅遊代辦:Muyuna 旅社

  • (+) 距離伊基托斯 140 公里、深入叢林,所以可以在動物棲息地看到動物、而不是在籠子內(例:食人魚、蛇、猴子、樹懶、鳥、老鼠、小鱷魚、青蛙等)
  • (+) 在伊基托斯和亞馬遜區域的接送與交通都安排得非常好
  • (+) 住宿條件很好,有足夠的燈光、舒服的床,可能會有熱水供應(但無法保證)
  • (+) 服務水平很高、英文溝通無礙,人員都很親切、導遊知識豐富
  • (+) 最後一天會安排從 Muyuna 伊基托斯辦公室前往機場的接駁車,可以在伊基托斯觀光一段時間後,再搭乘接駁車前往機場


Tour Package and Itinerary

  • Day 1: 9am pick up from hotel – 10:30am depart from Iquitos – 2pm arrive in lodge – 3pm go hiking deep into jungle to see animals – 5:30pm see the sunset – 7pm dinner – 8pm night boat trip to see caimans
  • Day 2: 6:30am breakfast – 7:30am boat trip and short hiking to see monkeys – 11am free time – 12pm lunch – 3pm visit local village and go fishing piranhas – 7pm dinner – 7:30pm night hiking to see spiders and snakes
  • Day 3: 6:30 depart to the main Amazon river and have breakfast on boat – dolphin watching and river swimming – 12pm lunch – 1pm speed boat back to Iquitos – 4pm transport back to Muyuna office


  • 第一天:9am 飯店接送 – 10:30am 從伊基托斯出發 – 2pm 抵達旅舍 – 3pm 深入叢林健行、看動物 – 5:30pm 看夕陽 – 7pm 晚餐 – 8pm 夜間遊船(主要看鳥類和鱷魚)
  • 第二天:6:30am 早餐 – 7:30am 遊船與一小段健行(主要看猴子) – 11am 自由時間 – 12pm 午餐 – 3pm 參訪當地村莊、釣食人魚 – 7pm 晚餐 – 7:30pm 夜間健行(主要看蛇、蜘蛛等)
  • 第三天:6:30am 前往亞馬遜主流、在船上吃早餐 – 看海豚與在河裡游泳 – 12pm 午餐 – 1pm 快船回到伊基托斯 – 4pm 搭車回到 Muyuna 伊基托斯辦公室



  • Prepare malaria pills, yellow fever vaccination and repellent (DDT should be applied on clothes, not on skin)
  • Prepare light-colored long shirts/pants (Muyuna provides free boots), swimming suits and flashlight
  • Since it’s humid in the rainforest, handwashing clothes are not easy to dry even when the weather is good
  • In Iquitos, highly recommend the Fitzcarraldo restaurant on Napo street and walking along the riverside


  • 施打黃熱病疫苗、準備瘧疾藥和防蚊液(DDT 防蚊液只能噴在衣服上、不可以噴在皮膚上)
  • 準備淺色長袖衣服與褲子(Muyuna 免費提供橡膠長筒鞋)、泳衣(在河裡游泳)和手電筒(夜遊時需要)
  • 因為雨林內很潮溼,就算天氣很好,手洗衣服還是不容易乾
  • 在伊基托斯,強烈推薦在 Napo 路上的 Fitzcarraldo 餐廳,吃飽還可以在河岸走走

Reference Blogs 參考網誌


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