Peru Series (4) Nazca Lines 祕魯系列 (4) 納斯卡線

To see the Nazca Lines, visitors can choose to fly from Nazca, Pisco or Ica. If you leave from Lima by bus, it takes 7-8 hours to Nazca and 4 hours to Ica. Hence, I chose to join a day tour from Lima to Pisco airport.

【觀賞納斯卡線(Nazca Lines)的飛機由三個機場起飛:納斯卡(Nazca)、皮斯科(Pisco)、伊卡(Ica)。如果由利馬搭公車出發,抵達納斯卡需要 7 至 8 小時、至伊卡需要 4 小時,所以我選擇參加一日遊行程,從由利馬搭車 3 小時即可抵達的皮斯科機場出發。】


Day Tour Itinerary

  • 5:40am tour pickup from hotel in Lima – 6:50am take shared bus to Paracas – 11:00am wait in Paracas for flights – (No confirmed time) private transport to Pisco airport to take flights – 16:00pm shared bus back to Lima
  • [Warning] If the weather is bad, all flights might be delayed or cancelled. Hence, there is no guarantee that travelers can board on flights and see the lines!
  • If flight delays and you miss the bus back to Lima, the travel agency should take responsibilities to transport you to the bus station and pay for your bus tickets.


  • 5:40am 旅行團在利馬進行飯店接送 – 6:50am 搭公車前往帕拉卡斯(Paracas) – 11:00am 在帕拉卡斯等待起飛時間 – (沒有固定時間)專車接送至皮斯科機場搭飛機 – 16:00pm 搭公車回利馬
  • 注意如果天候不佳,飛機可能因此延誤或取消,無法保證一定可以起飛、看到納斯卡線
  • 如果班機延誤導致你錯過回利馬的公車,則旅行社應該要負責載你到公車站並支付你的公車票。


Travel Agency: Nazca Flights

  • (+) Offer options to pickup in Lima and fly from Pisco or Ica – make things easier for visitors staying in Lima
  • (+) Seamless process with great emergency management process – when flights get delayed, the staff helped me handle the issue of missing bus connection well
  • (-) Expensive; since we decided to go last minute, we didn’t have time to cross check the price. Would suggest to do some research and look for cheaper tours if possible!

旅行代辦:Nazca Flights

  • (+) 提供從利馬上車、再由皮斯科或伊卡出發的一日遊選項,適合住在利馬的旅客
  • (+) 流暢的行程與優秀的危機處理:由於飛機延誤,我們搭不上原訂的公車回利馬,旅行社很快就幫我們找到另一家公車、並支付所有回利馬的公車費用
  • (-) 貴,因為臨時決定要去,沒有太多時間比價,大家可以再多比較幾家、選擇便宜一點的旅行社



  • Due to unpredictability of weather, if you combine the Nazca trip with other tours, your flexibility to wait for delayed flights decreases. Hence, make the balance between efficiency and flexibility wisely!
  • When flights get delayed, the connection of bus back to Lima would be challenging. Usually, express bus takes 3.5 hours while normal bus takes 4.5 hours. Would highly recommend taking express bus to avoid noise and uncomfortable seats even though that means to wait for 1-2 more hours.
  • Take motion sickness pills because to see the lines, the pilot will lean to both sides to around 90 degrees!


  • 因為天氣變化不易掌握,如果在一日遊中加入其他行程,則可能降低等待飛機起飛的彈性。建議大家在效率(安排多個景點)和彈性(等待飛機延誤的緩衝時間)之間取得平衡點!
  • 當班機延誤時,要找到適當的公車回利馬有些不容易;一般而言,快車回利馬需要 3.5 小時、慢車則需要 4.5 小時;縱使可能需要等上 1 至 2 小時,仍然強烈建議搭乘快車以避免噪音、不舒服的座位等問題
  • 駕駛為了讓大家看到納斯卡線,會把飛機朝兩側傾斜至約 90 度,所以建議吃暈機藥喔!

Reference Blogs 參考網誌


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