Peru Series (3) Paracas, Islas Ballestas and Huacachina 祕魯系列 (3) 帕拉卡斯、鳥島和瓦卡奇納

Paracas is the pier for boats to Islas Ballestas and the Reserva Nacional de Paracas. Since the boat trip starts early in the morning, would be nice to combine with Huacachina and have a day trip from Lima!

帕拉卡斯(Paracas)是前往鳥島(Islas Ballestas)和帕拉卡斯國家保護公園(Reserva Nacional de Paracas)的港口。因為船班很早就開了,所以可以考慮和瓦卡奇納(Huacachina)結合、安排由利馬(Lima)出發的一日遊行程。


Paracas and Islas Ballestas Highlights

  • Itinerary: 4am take bus from Lima to Paracas – 7:30am arrive in Paracas – 8am depart to Islas Ballestas – 10am back to Paracas
  • Paracas: the starting point of boat trips, and the beach in summer should be nice. Besides this, there is just a main street full of souvenir stores and restaurants alone the coastline – not much to see.
  • Islas Ballestas: a nice boat trip to see (1) candelabra geoglyph: a mysterious huge candle figure etched into hills and (2) the wildlife such as sea lions, penguins and birds
  • You can buy all bus tickets here – Cruz del Sur (
  • There are many tour options, and I would suggest to book in advance since most tours provide Paracas bus station pick-up and drop-off service
  • Prepare coats and motion sickness pills for the boat trip


  • 鳥島之旅行程:4am 從利馬搭公車到帕拉卡斯 – 7:30am 抵達帕拉卡斯 – 8am 前往鳥島 – 10am 返回帕拉卡斯
  • 帕拉卡斯:觀光活動的出發港口,夏天來海灘應該蠻好玩的!除此之外,就只有一條充滿紀念品店與餐廳的沿海道路,沒有特別多可以看的。
  • 鳥島:兩小時出海看 (1) 神祕的巨大燭台圖形印刻在山丘上,還有 (2) 自然生物,如海獅、企鵝、鳥類等
  • 可以在 Cruz del Sur 的網站買到所有需要的公車票(
  • 有很多旅行團可以選擇,建議提前購買,就可以享受來回帕拉卡斯公車站的接送服務
  • 前往鳥島的旅客,記得準備外套和暈船藥


Huacachina Highlights

  • After boat tour in Paracas, you can follow the itinerary: 11am bus from Paracas to Ica – 12:30pm arrive in Ica and take taxi to Huacachina – 4pm bus from Ica back to Lima
  • Huacachina: the oasis nearby the desert area of Ica. Some people recommend the sand dune activities, but I’m not interested, so there’s not much I could share about it ha! I simply just walked around and enjoyed the great view of the small oasis.
  • Taxi from Ica bus station to Huacachina is around 15 mins for s./10


  • 在鳥島的船旅之後,可以繼續瓦卡奇納之旅:11am 從帕拉卡斯搭公車到伊卡 – 12:30 抵達伊卡、轉搭計程車到瓦卡奇納– 4pm 從伊卡搭公車回利馬 – 8pm 抵達利馬
  • 瓦卡奇納:伊卡(Ica)沙漠地區附近的綠洲(有些人會推薦玩沙丘活動,但因為我沒興趣,所以沒太多可以分享的經驗… 我就是簡單的散步並享受綠洲的美景~
  • 從伊卡公車站到 Huacachina 的計程車約 15 分鐘、共約 s./10


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