Peru Series (11) Puno and Sillustani 祕魯系列 (11) 普諾與西路斯塔尼

Puno is the gateway to Titicaca. Would suggest to allocate 1 day in Puno for walking around the city in the morning and joining a half-day tour to Sillustani.




  • Sillustani: the place to see traditional funerary towers from ancient time
  • Cerrito de Huajsapata: a lookout place to see Puno and Titicaca (around 10-15 minutes climbing up the hill from the Plaza de Armas in Puno)


  • 西路斯塔尼葬禮塔遺跡看古代傳統葬禮塔遺跡的地方
  • Cerrito de Huajsapata:從普諾武器廣場爬上山坡,約走 10 至 15 分鐘,可以看到普諾和的的喀喀的景



  • Mojsa: great Alpaca, trout dishes and quinoa salad, but cuy is not recommended; would be good to sit by window to enjoy the great view of the main square and cathedral
  • La Table del Inca: the service is pretty good, and the food is slightly above average; a new restaurant recommended by TripAdvisor


  • Mojsa:推薦羊駝(Alpaca)、紅鳟魚(trout)和藜麥沙拉(quinoa salad),不推薦天竺鼠(cuy);建議坐在窗邊欣賞主要廣場與教堂的景色
  • La Table del Inca:服務不錯,食物水平也還可以,TripAdvisor上推薦的新餐廳



  • Tours to Sillustani usually leaves Puno at around 2pm and takes around 3-4 hours; it’s okay to book the tour in the morning and depart in the afternoon on the same day
  • Usually visitors arrive in Juliaca airport, and then take shuttle bus to Puno for 45-60 minutes; book airport transportation either from hotel or travel agency (e.g. All Ways Travel, Inca Lake Travel Agency)
  • Prepare the altitude sickness pills and drink lots of coca tea to ease the altitude sickness
  • There are some photo stores on the main shopping street (Jr. Lima) that can print out pictures in smartphones to be like postcards – the quality is actually pretty good, and the price is acceptable!


  • 前往西路斯塔尼葬禮塔遺跡的旅行團一般在下午 2 點從普諾出發,行程約為 3 至 4 小時;可以早上到旅行社訂行程、下午就出發!
  • 旅客一般由胡利亞卡(Juliaca)機場進入,然後搭乘共乘遊覽車前往普諾,需時 45 至 60 分鐘;可以從旅館或旅行社(例:All Ways Travel、Inca Lake Travel Agency)訂購機場接送服務
  • 準備高山症藥並喝大量的古柯鹼葉茶來緩解高山症症狀
  • 在主要街道 Jr. Lima 有一些照片店提供將手機內照片沖洗出來的服務,可以沖洗成明信片的形式,品質好又不會很貴,推薦給跟我一樣找不到漂亮明信片的人

Reference Blogs 參考網誌


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