Peru Series (10) Titicaca 祕魯系列 (10) 的的喀喀湖

Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world, and Puno is the gateway of Titicaca through Juliaca airport. Highly recommend to stay with local families in Amatani – experience the local life! Would suggest to allocate at least 1 day (Uros & Taquile) to 2 days (Uros, Taquile and Amantani) in Titicaca.

的的喀喀湖(Titicaca)是全世界最高的可航行湖泊,而普諾(Puno)則是通往的的喀喀湖的門戶,由胡利亞卡(Juliaca)機場進入。強烈推薦在阿曼塔尼島(Amatani)住在當地家庭裡,體驗在地生活!總體而言,建議至少在的的喀喀區域停留一天(烏羅斯浮島 Uros、塔奇雷島 Taquile)到兩天(一天行程再加上阿曼塔尼島)。



  • Uros: floating islands made of plants similar to reeds; some parts of the tour are too commercial and make me feel awkward that the local people are sort of forced (against their willingness) to be part of it
  • Tqauile: a lovely island that visitors can walk around and enjoy the great view of Titicaca
  • Amantani: some travel agents offer to stay with local families here for 2D1N, highly recommend


  • 烏羅斯浮島:由類似蘆葦的植物建成的漂浮島嶼;部分行程太過商業化外,也讓人覺得當地居民似乎是被迫、違反其意願來進行觀光活動,感覺不是很舒服
  • 塔奇雷島:旅客可以繞島散步並享受的的喀喀湖的美景
  • 阿曼塔尼島:有些旅行社會提供在當地家庭住一晚的行程,非常推薦!



  • Day 1: 7:30am hotel pickup – 9:30am Uros – 13:30pm Amatani (meals with local families, hiking to the highest place for sunset, dancing party at night)
  • Day 2: 8am leave Amatani – 9am start walking from one side of Taquile to the other side – 12pm lunch time and boarding on boat – 4pm back to Puno


  • 第一天:7:30am 飯店接送 – 9:30am 抵達烏羅斯浮島 – 13:30pm 抵達阿曼塔尼島(與當地家庭一起用餐、爬到山頂看夕陽、跳舞派對等)
  • 第二天:8am 離開阿曼塔尼島 – 9am 從塔奇雷島的一端走到另外一端 – 12pm 午餐時間,結束後搭船回程 – 4pm 抵達普諾


Travel Agency: All Ways Travel

  • (+) Great boat, professional guide and good collaboration with host families
  • (+) Seamless process from the transportation in Puno to the logistics in three islands

旅行代辦:All Ways Travel

  • (+) 船隻品質良好、導遊專業,和當地家庭也合作無間
  • (+) 從普諾市區內接送到三個島嶼間的交通,都安排得相當流暢



  • It would be challenging to take a shower in host families’ houses, but the restroom is modern and clean.
  • Before boarding in Puno, visitors can buy some sugar or rice in local stores around the pier for host families
  • Prepare altitude sickness and seasickness pills, and walk slowly when climbing to the top of Island Amantani


  • 在當地家庭裡不容易洗澡,但洗手間是現代化且乾淨的,不需要擔心
  • 在普諾搭船前,可以在碼頭買些糖或米作為給當地家庭的禮物
  • 準備高山症藥和暈船藥,爬山時盡量慢慢走以預防高山症

Reference Blogs 參考網誌


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