Last Class of Leading Social Enterprise 領導社會組織的最後一堂課

Today was the first time my tears kept dropping in class.


“We’re gonna have a road going to the sun. We’re gonna move mountains one by one.” The mission of HBS is to educate leaders who make a difference in the world. However, after staying here for 1.25 years, I almost forgot how I wanted to be an inspiring person who would really make a difference in the world.


In the first month at HBS, I joined a fireside chat with Dutch on social enterprise. After the chat, I approached him to see how I could leverage resources at HBS to learn more about social enterprise and even asked if I could audit in his class. He rejected me. He told me to be patient and learn all the basics in the first year of Required Curriculum, and we would meet in my second year of Elective Curriculum.

在哈佛商學院的第一個月,我參加一次 Dutch 主持的爐邊談話,談社會組織。在談話後,我詢問 Dutch 該如何善用哈佛商學院的資源來了解社會組織、甚至提出在他的課堂上旁聽的要求。他拒絕我了。他跟我說要有耐心,好好在第一年必修課程時學習所有的基礎知識,第二年選修課程時我們再見面。

This fall, when I sat in the classroom of Leading Social Enterprise, I felt moved by how we kept the promise to meet again and discuss on important issues after one year. We talked about NGOs, governments and investors. We discussed about the mismatch of value, capacity and support. The world of social enterprise was not always beautiful and rosy, but Dutch had his unique optimism to look into it and keep strong faith in the bright future.

這個秋天,當我坐在「領導社會組織」的教室時,心裡有股感動。感動在一年後,我們遵守承諾、再次相遇,一起討論重要的議題。我們談論非營利組織、政府與投資者。我們討論價值體系、能力與資源間的錯置問題。社會組織的世界並不永遠都是美麗的,但 Dutch 有著獨特的樂觀與強烈對光明未來的信念。

Today was the last day of the course. Dutch shared the story behind “Going to the Sun” with us. He ended the class singing the song with his beautiful voice and unique optimism. He had faith in us to pursue a fulfilling life by leading social enterprise into success and exploring things we hadn’t known yet. At that moment, I found my motives in the first place coming to Harvard again and realized how I had become a sustainably mediocre person that I once looked down at.

今天是課程的最後一天。Dutch 分享在【Going to the Sun】這首歌背後的故事。他以優美的歌聲與獨特的樂觀唱著這首歌,結束了這個學期。他說他相信我們會追求一個有意義的人生,帶領社會組織做到最好,同時探索未知的領域。在那一刻,我重新想起自己來到哈佛的初衷,彷彿從沉睡中驚醒,恍然發現自己變成了那個曾經瞧不起的「永續型平庸」的人。

The course ended with the song. “We’re gonna build a road going to the sun. We’re gonna move mountains one by one. It may take a lifetime, Lord. But when the work is done, we’re gonna have a road going to the sun.” I’ll always remember these afternoons we spent together to think about how to make the world a better place. Thank you for the great journey. Hope I could be an inspiring person in the future. Hope I could let you feel proud of me one day.



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