Chile Series (2) Santiago 智利系列 (2) 聖地牙哥

Observations on Chile and Santiago

1. Because of political stability and mining profits in past decades, Chile has good economic growth, and Santiago becomes a convenient, safe and clean city compared to its Latino peers. For example, they have well-developed public transportation system with several subway lines and buses that you can track on Google Map.


1. 因為過去幾十年的政局穩定與礦業收入,智利有良好的經濟發展,比其他拉美城市更為便利、安全與乾淨。例如:他們有發展良好的大眾運輸系統,包含數條地鐵線和公車網路,都是在 Google Map 上可以找到相關訊息的。


2. After independence in 19th, despite attempts of land reform, inequality couldn’t be improved. In 20th, greedy western investors intervened politics for interests in mining and worsened the situation. Both led to the uprising of left political parties and even fostered extreme leftists. Chile has the first Marxist President and is leaning to socialism.

2. 在19世紀獨力運動後,僅管有嘗試土地改革,但都無法解決不平等的問題。20世紀時,西方貪婪的礦業投資者介入政治,使情況更加惡化。這樣的背景催生了左派政權,甚至培養了激進左派份子。智利為第一個擁有馬克思主義擁護者總統的國家,並被視為社會主義傾向的國家。


3. Though Chile is currently the role model in Latin America, they are facing various issues, one is the immigration issue. People from Colombia, Haiti and Venezuela come here to seek for opportunities, but the majority of Chileans are unfamiliar with different colors and unwilling to provide better jobs. Until now, government still doesn’t have solutions.

3. 雖然智利是拉丁美洲的模範生,但其實他們也面臨不同問題,其中一個是移民問題。哥倫比亞、海地、委內瑞拉的人來智利尋找機會,但多數智利人對有色人種不熟悉、不願提供更好的機會。至今,政府仍然沒有相關的解決方案。


Travel Highlights in Santiago

1. Centro Santiago (historical part): Plaza de Armas, Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino (must visit Mapuche’s wooden statues in the basement), Metropolitan Cathedral, Iglesia San Francisco, Barrio Paris-Londres (walking around is nice), Santa Lucia (good view for sunset); Mercado Central (seafood market)


1. 歷史城區 Centro Santiago:武器廣場、Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino (一定要去地下室看馬普切木雕)、Metropolitan Cathedral、Iglesia San Francisco、Barrio Paris-Londres (適合在附近散步)、Santa Lucia (看夕陽)、Mercado Central (海鮮市場) 


2.  Providencia (transition from own town to new areas): La Chascona (museum of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda), San Cristobal Hill (Virgin Mary; suggest to at least take one-way funicular plus two-stop cable car to see the whole view of Santiago); Museo Parque de las Esculturas (full of artwork from Chilean artists; it’s 5-10 min walk from the last stop of San Cristobal Hill cable car for the park)

2. Providencia (舊區至新區的過渡區): La Chascona (智利詩人 Pablo Neruda 的家)、San Cristobal Hill (聖母雕像,建議搭 funicular 纜車上山後,再搭 cable car 纜車兩站下山,這樣可以完整看到這個聖地牙哥的全景)、Museo Parque de las Esculturas (展出智利藝術家作品的雕塑公園,從 San Cristobal Hill 纜車最後一站出來後,走 5-10 分鐘就到了


3. Vitacura (high-end new areas): Museo de la Moda (exhibitions of fashion clothing), visiting different galleries (e.g. Gallery la Sala, Galeria Animal)

3. Vitacura (高級新區):Museo de la Moda (時尚服裝展)、參觀不同藝廊 (例:Gallery la Sala, Galeria Animal)


4. Food: Food in Chile is in general just okay, especially compared to great Peruvian food ha! In addition, food here is very expensive – American standard! Recommend Mote con huesillo and Cazuela. For restaurants, recommend Empanadas Zunino for empanada and Emporio la Rosa for ice cream!

4. 食物:智利的食物還好而已,特別是跟美食國度秘魯比較。從外,這裡的食物也很昂貴,完全是美國標準… 推薦薏米煮桃子湯和海鮮湯。關於餐廳,推薦Empanadas Zunino 的 empanada 和 Emporio la Rosa 的冰淇淋


5. Transportation: buying a bip! card and enjoy the convenience of taking subways, buses and shared bikes!

5. 交通:買張 bip! 卡,就可以享受搭乘地鐵、公車與共享單車的便利


6. SIM Card: go to telecom stores around the centro Santiago and choose among entel, Movistar and Claro, buy a sim card and then recharge in pharmacy, come back to telecom stores to select relevant options (e.g. 7 days with 1G data)

6. SIM卡:在 Centro Santiago 附近的電信商都可以買到,包含 entel, Movistar 和 Claro,買了之後到藥局加值後,再回到電信商這裡請他們幫忙選擇方案 (例:七天 1G 數據)


7. Number of Days: If you have a packed schedule, then 1-2 days would be enough for main tourist spots in Santiago. Having said that, I stayed here for 3 days and haven’t finished all I wanted to see!

7. 時間規劃:如果時間很趕,則安排 1-2 天差不多可以看完重要景點;雖然這麼說,但我待了 3 天也還沒看完所有想看的景點~


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