HKS India Trek (1) India-Pakistan Partition 印巴分裂參訪心得

(附中文) During colonization period, to avoid Indians uniting together to overthrow the government, the British launched “divide and rule” policy to separate communities and let them compete. Since then, the conflict between Muslim and Hindu kept escalating and eventually led to the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947.



It’s common that people easily blame it on human nature for not being inclusive enough. However, I would argue that human weakness does exist, but the manipulation is really the catalyst to make conflicts happen. The conflict between India and Pakistan makes the border become one of the most sensitive areas in the world.



The border on Indian side is governed by Border Security Force (BSF), who guards the border and creates a sense of security. In contrast to the heartbreaking history, India and Pakistan security teams collaborated to provide a daily performance at 4pm everyday in the border, attracting more than 50k people during weekends!

印度的邊界管制警力(BSF) 協助保衛邊界、建立安全感。有趣的是,每天下午四點,印巴警力合作演出一場邊界表演,在週末時甚致吸引超過五萬人,和沉重的歷史形成強烈反差。


Along the way toward the border are many food vendors and people selling hats like “I Love My India” and Indian flags for the event. I didn’t feel any serious tension here.



The venue of border performance looks like a big stadium. Loud music and atmosphere make it feel like a theme park or a concert of rock stars! The audience even has a cheerleader to coordinate people to shout out their love of India.



During the 20-30 minutes performance, soldiers from two sides had a distant battle – stayed on their own sides and did some kicking, waving flags and showing muscles. The feeling was like in a Thai boxing performance rather than in the border with historical conflict!



Looking at the Pakistani side, the sharing of the Border Security Force kept repeating in my mind. “Dispute is one thing, but border relation is another thing. We were one country before, so I still felt that something is binding people from two sides.”



The history and the border performance reminds me that history is always written by a small amount of people – in this case, maybe just the British government and some aggressive activists from both sides. However, the rest could only follow the ruling and try their best to maintain a peaceful life.

這段歷史與邊界表演讓我再次感受到「人為刀俎,我為魚肉」的歷史教訓 — 在印巴衝突裡,真正改變歷史的,或許只有英國政府和雙方陣營裡的少數激進份子吧。然而,剩下的多數人只能順從統治,並嘗試維持和平的人生。

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