HKS India Trek (2) Hyderabad 海德拉巴參訪心得

[Industrial Park] 產業園

1. Hyderabad is one of the most important tech hubs in India. Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft have set their second largest hubs here. Initially government owns the land; after the developer meets certain milestones, government will transfer land to them.

1. 海德拉巴是印度的科技重鎮之一,Google, Amazon, Apple 和 Microsoft 的第二大點都設在這裡。一開始政府持有土地,但當開發商達成階段目標,政府就會將土地移轉給他們。


2. English-speaking, talents and tax subsidies make Hyderabad attractive, and it seems that strong selling skills helps them stand out from other cities. However, in general, how to justify that the loss in tax, linked to social welfare, can be compensated by economic growth is unclear.

2. 海德拉巴對企業的吸引力在於英語、人才與稅賦優惠,而強而有力的銷售技巧讓其在其他城市中脫穎而出。然而,廣泛來說,如何驗證在稅務方面的損失(亦即社會福利損失)可以由其所帶來的經濟成長補償,尚不明確。


[Entrepreneurship] 創業

1. T-Hub represents the vibrant entrepreneur community. Government provides the building and initial funding, but the rest is self-sustaining. Two main revenues now are rent for startups and event fees.

1. 活躍的創業社群可由 T-Hub 略窺一二。一開始由政府提供空間與創始基金,但接下來的營運都由 T-Hub 自己自足—兩大營收源自創業團隊的租金與活動場地費。


2. T-Hub is successful in… (1) identify key verticals to focus on based on state strategy and industrial legacy; (2) create clear mapping of resources and players and actively connect startups to them and (3) send startups overseas to connect with the international communities. However, there’s still no clear exist strategy for startups here.

2. 歸結 T-Hub的成功因素包含 (1) 依據政府發展策略與產業基底,識別關鍵發展方向;(2) 建立各項資源地圖,主動連結創業團隊與資源;(3) 送創業團對出國以促進國際連結。然而,多數公司目前尚未有明確的退場策略。


[Other Notes] 其他

1. Since well-educated people tend to move to other countries, India suffers from the lack of talents a lot. In addition, the percentage of female in high education is higher than it in professional world, showing that gender equality makes the talent issue even worse.

1. 因為優秀人才流向海外,印度的人才危機相當嚴重。此外,高等教育中的女性比例高於專業工作中的女性比例,使人才危機更加惡化。


2. Besides tech hub, Hyderabad is also a historical city with abundant Islamic culture. Compared to the conflict of India and Pakistan, Hindus and Muslims are well mixed here.

2. 在科技重鎮外,海德拉巴也是個擁有豐富伊斯蘭文化的歷史古城。相比於印巴衝突,印度教徒與穆斯林在此融合地相當好!


Reference Blogs 參考網誌


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