HKS India Trek (3) Summary 印度參訪總筆記

“Incredible India” was the slogan for tourism in India years ago, and I think it perfectly depicts the country full of contradictions – chaos versus beauty, religious conflicts versus diverse communities, capitalism versus socialism, etc. Incredible India, glad to be back after almost ten years.


I like the vibrant atmosphere with abundant culture and confident people. There are always many things going on, from advanced technology to night markets, from Hinduism temples to Muslim mosques. No matter how many problems or challenges, people are confident in themselves to have a better country.



Anti-corruption 反貪腐】

In 2011, a large scale anti-corruption movement pushed for legislative changes in India. Although hostile attacks between parties caused serious tension between local and central governments, strong support from the people enabled the movement to achieve some initial results such as increased tax income, higher reporting rate and some attempts in legislative changes.


However, some people argued that legislation without enforcement cannot fight corruption effectively. A proposal was to digitize government and simplify processes to reduce the space for corruption, but the huge regional disparity might make the implementation unrealistic in the short term.



Education 教育】

How to shorten the gap between public and private education is definitely on top of the agenda in education policies. In the past, most efforts were put in basic hardware improvement in public schools, but now main cities can start shifting focus to quality improvement such as salary increase and job training for teachers. However, how to balance the development in urban and rural areas is still challenging.



Free market 自由市場】

In contrast to China’s protection policies, India is open for international companies and becomes one of the most important destinations for foreign direct investment. To compete with international companies, local players leverage their advantages in deep understanding of customers, innovation and low-cost labor to win in the market. However, opening up the market might lead to the concern of economic colonization and economical volatility. How to ensure that the local companies can grow while introduce global competition into this country is important.



Fake news 假新聞】

Fake news is also an issue in India, especially on certain topics like conflicts between Hinduism and Muslim. Same to Taiwan, older generations might receive lots of fake news through instant message APPs. Since none of the media has large audience base to generate enough subscription revenue, it’s hard to change the current advertisement-based revenue model.



【Digitization 數位化政府】

Digitization can help India to reduce the complexity in doing business locally, promote anti-corruption and increase government efficiency. To speed up the path, central government makes local governments compete with each other and publish the ranking of digitization instantly to push them improving.


Indian government collaborated with the private sector closely on digitization. For example, Tata group helped government on initiatives like e-VISA, security and agricultural management. However, how to integrate with the current systems and roll out nationally is challenging.

印度政府和民間企業緊密合作、推動數位化。例如:塔塔集團協助政府推動 e-VISA、國安、農業管理等計劃。然而,如何與既有系統整合、推行至全國,都是相當具挑戰性的!


Reference Blogs 參考網誌


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