HBS NYC Art Trek 哈佛商學院紐約藝術參訪心得

In April, I joined the HBS NYC Art Trek, organized by HBS Art Society, to visit galleries and auction companies in New York City. It’s my first time to really understand art as an industry. Please see my notes on this trek as below.



【Contemporary Art 當代藝術】

From Art Central ’15, Art Beijing ’16 to Whitney Biennial ’17, I’m really new to contemporary Art, but my passion for it is definitely growing! Though there is some work I don’t like or understand, I always feel inspired by some artists about how they view the world and how they express their thoughts. For example, most artists in Whitney Biennial ’17 brought up social issues they cared, and going thru their work gave me a better sense on how Americans viewed America now. With social meaning in it, contemporary art becomes intellectually challenging!



【Art Business 藝術產業】

To my surprise, psychology might be even more important than art in art business, i.e. how to serve high end customers to the best. Some super rich people from emerging markets might still feel uncomfortable in American market, so the demand for private art secretary service as an access to the closed market is real! As the market is highly unregulated, the deeper you understand the psychology (ex: the emotion flowing in auction, the cultivated preference for certain artists), the more profit you make. Might be irrelevant to the true value of it!

讓我驚訝的是,在藝術產業裡,如何服務高端客戶的心理學似乎比藝術本身更重要!一些新興市場的有錢人對美國藝術市場仍感卻步,所以私家秘書帶領他們進入這個封閉市場的服務確實有其需求!這市場毫無規範可言,越能了解心理學 (像是拍賣現場的情緒、經營對於特定藝術家的偏好)的企業,越能獲取更高利潤,很可能都跟作品的真實藝術價值無關了。


【Serialities@Hauser & Wirth 系列展】

A picture of a man might be not important, but if you take a picture of a man for 20 years, then it’s definitely a thing! Through a series of work, artists can amplify their messages and make the impact much stronger.

一張男人的照片可能不太重要,但如果連續照20年,則會變得非常有意思! 從一系列的作品裡,藝術家能夠放大所欲傳遞的訊息、產生更大的影響力。

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