Peru Series (13) Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca) 祕魯系列 (13) 彩虹山

Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca) is a new touristic spot in Peru, so most people might not find it in their guidebooks. The mountain was constantly covered with snow before, so people couldn’t see the colors coming from sediments. However, global warming made the snow melt, leading to the discovery of it several years ago.



Before introducing the Mountain, I would like to bring up several issues that visitors should keep in mind. First, it’s important to think how we can change our behaviors to reduce global warming and save the global. Second, while developing the tourism industry, how Peruvians preserve the environment and create sustainable business models also requires our attention.



Tour Selection: Visitors should book a tour from Cusco to visit the Mountain. Price range is 60-80 soles in 2018, and main differences in price might come from (1) English proficiency of guides. (2) quality of meals and (3) preparation of oxygen/first-aid for emergency. I booked through “SAS Travel” and felt satisfied.

行程選擇:欲參訪的遊客應於庫斯科購買旅行團,價格範圍約在 60-80 索爾。價差可能源自於 (1) 導遊的英語程度,(2) 早餐與中餐的餐點品質,和 (3) 氧氣供應與急救配備。我訂購 SAS Travel 的行程,品質很不錯!】


Tour Itinerary: Guides pick up visitors around 3-4am and go on a 3hrs drive, and there is a 1hr breakfast break with some bread and tea. In Rainbow Mountain, visitors have 3hrs to hike up and 2hrs to go down. Lunch happens around 4pm, and usually visitors can get back to Cusco before 7-8pm, but it all depends on traffic.

行程安排:導遊會在早上 3-4 點至飯店迎接團員,隨後開車 3 小時前往彩虹山。在抵達之前,約有 1 小時的早餐時間,提供麵包與茶。抵達彩虹山後,總共約 3 小時上山、2 小時下山。下山後驅車前往午餐地點,約下午 4 點用餐。回到庫斯科約晚上 7-8 點,依交通情況而定。】


Altitude Sickness: The 5km trail feels like 50km for people suffering from the altitude sickness on 5,000 m (16,000 ft). I recommend visitors to stay in Cusco region for 2-3 days before the hike to get used to the altitude. Also, remember to take altitude sickness pills in advance and throughout the trip!

高山症:對有高山症的人而言,在海拔 5000 公尺的彩虹山上,5 公里路線走起來可能像 50 公里!建議遊客可以在庫斯科先待 2-3 天適應高度,並務必於行前、行程中服用高山症預防藥。】


Horse Riding: No matter how much you want to “conquer” the Mountain, I highly recommend visitors to hire horses for the ride up because: (1) hiking on this altitude is very different and might really kill you, and (2) you need to hike without horse for the last part of the trail, so save your energy for the summit. One-way horse riding costs 50-60 soles, and round-trip is less than 90 soles in 2018.

騎馬上山:無論多想「征服」彩虹山,我強烈建議遊客騎馬上山!在高山健行容易造成缺氧、引發高山症,嚴重時可能致命。此外,馬匹無法協助最後一段攻頂,故建議遊客節省力氣至最後攻頂的這一段路。在 2018 年,單程騎馬約 50-60 索爾,來回一趟應於 90 索爾以內。】


Preparation: Water (simple bathrooms are available along the trail). Multilayered clothes (weather changes dramatically throughout the trip). Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses. Food like energy bars to support you throughout the trek. Tours usually provide breakfast, but I recommend visitors to ask for breakfast boxes from hotels.



Warning: It’s a challenging hike even for 20-30yrs old people, so bringing babies or elder people who suffers from any kind of physical disabilities is inappropriate. I was surprised to see this happening during my trip… Please consider physical conditions of members in your group and book tours accordingly!

注意事項:對 20-30 歲的人而言,於彩虹山健行都是很具挑戰性的活動,所以強烈建議遊客不要帶嬰兒或行動不便的長者前往。我很驚訝居然看到有人帶嬰兒去爬山… 請務必考量團隊成員的身體狀況後,再安排行程!】


Reference Blogs 參考網誌


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