Blue Man @ Charles Playhouse

Last time I saw Blue Man was seven years ago in Las Vegas. The venue in Boston is smaller. Though they try to visually expand the space by walking into the crowd, the show is still constrained by it.

上次看Blue Man是七年前在拉斯維加斯,在波士頓的場地小很多。雖然他們嘗試走入人群來讓擴張視覺效果的空間,但感覺這場表演仍然受限於場地、無法完全發揮。

The classic colorful drum show is still entertaining, and some new shows also combine absurdness and sarcasm well as what Blue Man is known for. Good for families and friends for an entertaining afternoon – but maybe nothing more than that.


If you are interested in the show, here is a video for your reference: (photo source: Blue Man marketing picture)

如果對Blue Man感興趣的人,可以參考這段影片: (照片源自 Blue Man 的宣傳照)

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