Southern Gothic – Immersive Play

Southern Gothic – my first time joining an immersive play. Highly recommend! 第一次看沉浸式舞台劇,推薦大家都試試看!

Limited to 30 people, the play was presented in a house, and audience members can wander around rooms to see different conversations going on in the cocktail party. 限制只有30個觀眾,但每個觀眾都可以在這間屋子裡隨意遊走,彷彿是雞尾酒會的參與者之一,挑選感興趣的片段偷聽對話。

Audience will definitely miss some conversations, but the process is like getting pieces of a puzzle and trying to figure out the overall picture. Audience can even get drinks and snacks just like they also joined the party! 觀眾一定會錯過許多對話,但過程中就像在搜集拼圖,總能逐漸拼湊出全貌。甚至還會拿到幾杯雞尾酒和點心,就像真的在參加派對的人!

Just learned that Southern Gothic is actually a special genre that people described it as “the presence of irrational, horrific, and transgressive thoughts, desires, and impulses; grotesque characters; dark humor” – exactly what the play is! 上網搜尋後,才知道原來「南方哥德」是美國19世紀初的文學型態,展現各種荒謬、犯罪、黑色幽默、恐怖、怪異的風格。確實就是這部充滿激烈衝突的作品的風格!

Really like the part that they described how having a black woman in your party in Georgia is illegal to let people feel the absurdity back to ‘60s and reflect on today. Also like the tension among the couples – love and betrayal, past and future. 很喜歡過程中在演60年代帶黑人參加白人派對是違法行為的部份,一方面感受當時的荒謬,一方面反思今日。另外,也很喜歡數對伴侶間的情愛糾葛,愛與背叛、過去與未來,感覺很深刻。

Look forward to more immersive plays coming up in the next few years! 很期待未來幾年會有更多的沉浸式表演出現!

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