Peruvian Photographer – Alexis Huaccho

While traveling to new countries, I like to follow local photographers to explore the land though their eyes. 【旅行到新國家時,我喜歡追蹤當地的攝影師,透過他們的眼睛來探索這塊土地。】 Since … More

Travel Notes of Easter Island (Rapa Nui) 復活節島 (拉帕努伊) 旅遊筆記

(附中文) Shared all I have learned about Easter Island, including history and the modern society! Though Moai is cute, the stories are actually quite sad. 分享我所知道的復活節島歷史與社會。雖然摩艾很可愛,但故事還是挺憂傷的。